Sunday, May 30, 2021

Beverage Menu




-Banryu Honjozo Bottle (300ml) $21

Soft and light, dry versatile sake with a subtle underlying smokiness. From Yamagata.

-Makiri Junmai Ginjo Kimoto Bottle (300 ml) $25

Very dry and clean Junmai Ginjo Kimoto. Soft acidity makes this sake perfect for sushi. From Yamagata.

-Tedorigawa Yamahai Daiginjo Bottle (300ml) $27

Outstanding Daiginjo did in Yamahai (slow & natural yeast starting) method. An enticing imprint of honey and herbs at first sip, to an enveloping clarity. From Ishikawa.


- Shunka Shusetsu Echizen Junmai Ginjo Bottle (720ml) $50

Gracefully light and balanced Junmai Ginjo. Harmonious subtle fruits and calming mouth-feel, modest, and soothing dry finish. From Fukui.

-Kokuryu Tokusen Ginjo Bottle (720ml) $54

Smooth and relaxed dry Ginjo. Subtle herbs, minerals & melon. Has wonderful depths yet is feather-light, restrained and clean! Made with the gradual low-temperature fermentation process.  From Fukui.

-Tamagawa Kinsho Daiginjo Bottle (720ml)  $67

Fresh and charming full-flavored dry Daiginjo with explosive ripe fruits and grassy nuances. Sub-zero bottle aging imparts both silky viscosity and depth. From Kyoto.


-Rin Organic Honjozo Nama Bottle (500ml) $34

Soft and light organic Honjozo. Hints of apple and apricot with underlying subtle acidity, very smooth with a touch of dryness. From Aizu.

-cups (take out only)