Saturday, December 5, 2020

Beverage Menu


-Rin Organic Honjozo Nama Bottle (500ml) $28
Soft and light organic Honjozo. Hints of apple and apricot with underlying subtle acidity, very smooth with a touch of dryness. From Aizu.

-Muromachi Shuzo Ume Shu Plum Sake 500ml ($32)
Aged with ripe plums for a year. Juicy, semi-sweet, light, and fragrant. It makes this sake a great apéritif or dessert wine. With ice or without. From Okayama 

- Shunka Shusetsu Echizen Junmai Ginjo Bottle (720ml) $40
Gracefully light and balanced Junmai Ginjo. Harmonious subtle fruits and calming mouth-feel, modest, and soothing dry finish. From Fukui.

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