Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tohoku Sakagura Ekiden Race will start soon!

Ekiden Race. Road Relay.
It is a sport where multiple runners run for a great distance
in relay style, competing for the speed.

Back in the old days in Japan, in order to deliver words to
one’s friends in the distance, Ekiden method was used.
It was because of the fact that multiple runners forwarding
the message from one to another in sections is faster
than just one runner carrying it for the entire way.

Now in Japan, there are people who have started to run.
They are running for the sake of the recovery of Japan,
they are far from Brooklyn.
We would like to send them a message. “You are beautiful.”

This time at Hibino, our staff has been divided into 2 teams,
and the teams would introduce you to some of the
Tohoku region Sake breweries in the style of Ekiden..
where the Sake is our runners.

2 Teams x Tohoku Sake (on discounted prices!) at Hibino

The race begins this Friday Night the June 17th.

かつて日本人は遠くの友人に言葉を伝える時 駅伝を用いた。


駅伝レース。Road Relay.