Friday, June 17, 2011

Tohoku Sakagura Ekiden Race has started!

The race has started!

We divided our server into 2 teams:
Team Akiko & Team Toru.
Team captain Akiko & Toru would decide the order of the
sake they would be selling. Whichever the team sells out
150 glasses of Sake from all over Tohoku first would win!

We are offering these sake at a discounted price,
so it'll be a win-win situation ;-)

First runner for the Team Akiko is Dewa San San
from Dewazakura Shuzo Co. in YAMAGATA.

This is Mariko from Team Akiko :-)

First runner for the Team Toru is Take no Tsuyu
from Takenotsuyu Co. in YAMAGATA as well.

This is Toru (team captain) from Team Toru.
(He happened to be an avid runner himself :-)

When you order the sake from the race,
you'll get a card with the sake info.
If you liked that sake, please write a message to the
sakagura (brewery) on the back of the card.
Then, we'll mail your massage to each sakagura.

I think people at sakagura in Tohoku would be touched by your messages.