Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year, our Halloween theme was "Kaminari-sama."
Kaminari-sama is a Japanese thunder god, the personification
or source of the forces of thunder and lightning.

This is a representation of traditional thunder god.

We took inspiration from famous comedy skit in 80’s TV program - Hachiji Dayo Zen-in Shugo!

Here we are!

One of our guests was a tooth brush :-)

Our sexy orange-kaminari-sama cashier.

Chef Hirohisa dressed in blue.

Kim-kun the purple rain :-)

Masaru is in Eco conscious green.

We use thunder bolt electricity for today's cooking :-)

Server Kaminaris are busy taking orders from the guests!

Akiko-the-Koji-Nakamoto! (You can see our manager Hinata the yellow behind her :-)

Chie the green is bringing you a soy sauce!

Happy Halloween to all :-)

Photos (except first 3 shots) courtesy of Masato Onoda.